Frequently Asked Questions

Customer FAQs

  1. How can I make a booking?
    Mail Call offer a variety of options for customer to make a book - you can book online through the call centre on 136 331 or through our API. To use our API please contact
  2. How can I track my driver?
    Mail Call offer down to the minute ‘real time’ tracking. Logon to your online account to track you driver.
  3. Can I talk to the Mail Call driver?
    Absolutely. Its important that you give us your contact number so the driver can call you directly.
  4. How is the price calculated?
    The price of the parcel includes many variables. It considers the size of the parcel, the quantity and the distance to delivery. Give us a call on 136 331 and we can arrange a quote or to send you our pricing.
  5. How do Mail Call charge for deliveries?
    Once you have an account we can email your invoice directly to you weekly or monthly basis.
  6. What kind of goods do Mail Call accept?
    Mail Call accepts all legal goods. Documents, apparel, printing supplies, alcohol, home wares, flowers, packaged food, retail and bulk goods, building & electrical supplies, water based paints, packages of non-dangerous & non-hazardous goods and pallets of non-dangerous & non-hazardous goods.
    We can arrange to send various dangerous and hazardous goods by agreement. To arrange this please call us on 136 331.
  7. What locations do Mail Call service?
    Mail Call currently services Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas for point to point services, and additionally we can offer deliveries to outer areas and after hours services. We have national coverage for runs and permanent drivers.
  8. What vehicles does Mail Call offer?
    Mail Call's fleet consists of vehicles ranging from pushbikes up to semi trailers.
  9. What are Mail Call's hours of operation?
    Standard operating hours are from 7am to 6.45pm but we have a specialised team to look after deliveries or requests outside of these hours. In effect we are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  10. How do I cancel a delivery?
    Simply cancel or edit your booking online at no extra cost.
  11. Can I rate my driver?
    Absolutely! Your overall experience is our number one priority at Mail Call so your feedback is extremely important. Rate your driver online or when you sign for the item at delivery on the drivers app.

Driver FAQs

  1. How can I become a Mail Call driver?
    Apply online, through our driver app or give the fleet crew a call on 02 8966 5406
  2. Who will I report to while doing deliveries?
    We don’t see it as reporting! The fleet team will help you with anything you might need, and in addition to this we have a great operations team to assist you while you’re working with us. You will meet the team through your induction process prior to starting on road.
  3. How much money will I earn?
    Good question. This is all in your hands. The more efficient you are the more you earn as you’re paid per job. Mail Call pay a flag fall and KM rate. We have four point to point service types and depending on the service you deliver, this will impact your pay rates. If you get a VIP job you get double the pay, a Red hot you get triple the pay and a POT you get four times the pay!
  4. How many deliveries will I carry at once?
    This will depend on many variables, the bigger your vehicle is, the less work you'll probably have at once, but you might find individual jobs are bigger, some consisting of multiple items in a single job.
  5. Do I need an ABN?
    Yes, all drivers need an ABN. This is because being a courier for Mail Call is actually running your own small business.
  6. What is the sign up process?
    Once you’ve contacted Mail Call we invite you to our headquarters for an interview and if you are successful you will be invited to attend a training session, usually the following day. Once you have successfully completed the training in house and on road, our fleet crew will usually have you on road making deliveries on day three.
  7. What do I do if a recipient isn't at the delivery point?
    We have various options of support in this situation; the best option is to call the customer and ask them yourself if you have their details. If not, send a query through to the customer service team and they can assist you.
  8. How often do I get paid?
    All Mail Call drivers are paid weekly.

Sales FAQs

  1. How do I open an account?
    Sign up online or call sales on 02 8966 5480.
  2. Can I request a rep to see me?
    Absolutely, we have a team of Mail Call experts to assist with all of your needs. They can be contacted at or 02 8966 5480.
  3. How long does it take to start using Mail Call?
    Mere minutes. Call us now to make an booking instantly.
  4. Who will I contact for questions?
    You can contact our sales department on 02 8966 5480. We can advise you on the best contact for your enquiry.

Accounts Payable FAQs

  1. What are Mail Calls payment terms?
    Mail Call have 7 day trading terms.
  2. How can I pay my invoice?
    Mail Call accept bank transfers, over the phone credit card payment and cheques.
  3. Who can I talk to about my account?
    Call our friendly accounts team on 02 8966 5477.
  4. Do Mail Call charge extra for credit card payment?
    All credit card payments will incur a surcharge 2% Visa and Mastercard and 4% for Amex.